Pregnant – What Do I Do Now?

Good news! I have just brought a new generation to existence. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I spent many of my days dancing on air. Few days after receiving the good news, I started wondering what I was going to do next. I actually started freaking out, and I was wondering what I should do next for the safety of my baby and me.

Pregnancy basic

pregnancy kit

She was my first baby and I didn’t have any experience. So, I contacted my best friend for the way forward. She promised to come home that evening, and this relieved me a lot. My friend arrived late that evening with a bright smile. We talked at length, and here are some of the pieces of advice she gave me.

Calculating my baby’s due date

Calculating my baby’s due date helped me a great deal because I was able to know for how long I would carry my baby in the womb before letting it out. This exercise also lets me know the sex of my baby and provided a personalized calendar that revealed when I would start hearing my baby’s heartbeat and when I will be due.

Choosing a midwife or a doctor

My friend told me that I would be my family physician, my obstetrician, or a midwife throughout my pregnancy period. So, I had to choose a common match that would help me get my pregnancy off to a good start by actually scheduling my first prenatal appointment.

Deciding when I should announce my pregnancy

By talking to my friend, I learned that announcing the good news to my friends, co-workers and everybody else is something I had to take seriously. I talked to my partner and agreed on a date when we were going to announce my situation to all. Actually, I made the announcement on Facebook and called all my other co-workers and relatives to announce the good news in my first trimester.

Planning ahead

After talking extensively to my experienced friends, I was able to plan ahead of my baby’s arrival. Here are some of the things I did.

I figured out my finances

Even though it is a cute bundle of joy, a baby costs money, a lot of it too. My friend helped me calculate how much I needed before my baby came out and how much money I would roughly spend before I could organize her first birthday. With getting a rough figure of how much I would spend, I started making some adjustments to my budget. I also tried to find other sources

of money to ensure that I do not strain my budget.

I created my pregnancy to-do-list

Here again, my friend was very helpful. With her help, I was able to have a list of everything that I needed to do throughout my pregnancy period. I arranged all my pre-baby tasks right from the first month to my due date.

I avoided anything dangerous


My friend and professionals I contacted helped me identify what my personality needed for me to avoid any danger. For instance, I had to stop drinking and smoking for the sake of my baby’s well-being.

Brainstorming baby names

I never knew that finding the best name for my baby would be such an overwhelming exercise.  I came up with a list of all possible names that I would prefer before finally settling down for one that my partner was also comfortable with.

Finally, I was supposed to keep very clean always. Pregnant time is no time to get opportunistic infections, but sometimes you may not be inclined to bathe. Taking quick showers helps at such times.

You Can Overcome It!

I started drinking when I was only 15. Well, most of my best friends later joined me because they also thought it was cool to take a little beer. By the time I was 18, Allie, my name, was well known in our neighborhood for all the wrong reasons. I had become a perennial drunk, a chain smoker, and I could abuse any drug that came my way. In simple term, I was the perfect example of an addict. Everyone, including my parents, condemned me for my condition. I tried many times to stop but my situation only got worse with time.

Road to eternal dependency

people figure

One day, some two aged women and a young man approached me in the evening while I was on my way to a local pub. They requested for my time, and being a generous, respectful woman, I agreed to listen to what they had to say. They introduced themselves and stated their intention.

They neither condemned nor lectured me on how I was wasting my life. They told me that no one else but me could make a change in my life. And all I needed to have was self-determination. They gave me their contact details and left me alone. The word ‘self-determination’ changed my life. And I realized that my future was in my hands. My willpower to live a free life was planted on that day.

Later that day, I took my phone to call the three people who had met me earlier, but something stronger that was coming from inside told me to go to them physically. After all, they had come from a local support group office. I trusted my instinct and took a walk to their office, which was just 200 meters away from my home.

The person I found at the office enrolled me for a recovery program that included recovery therapy. I was assigned a peer group that was to help me recover. Contrary to my expectation, their addiction recovery strategy mainly emphasized on the necessity for addicts like me to reinvent their lives on an hour-to-hour and day-to-day basis. In short, they mainly helped me to strengthen my willpower.

What I needed to do

The additional strategy that was prescribed for me required that I do the following:

Resisting the urge

The strategy emphasized a lot on resistance. I was trained on how to resist the urge of smoking, taking alcohol, and any other substance that I was addicted to.

Concentrating my mental energy

man with dumbbell

I was to strengthen my willpower and then use it to help me concentrate all my mental energies fully on the causes and sources of my troubles. This system resulted in a very favorable outcome because I was able to block all the paths that took me, and could take me back to using the substances I was fighting.

Rebuilding my life

I never focused on what addiction had done to me. Instead of looking at things the way they were, I focused on rebuilding my life afresh, and from the ground going up. This helped me find a motivation I needed to resist all the urges that could possibly send me back to drugs.