Showerheads – More Troublesome Than You Think!

A few months ago, I replaced my showerheads for my two bathrooms. It was a real hustle before I could make a purchase. Choosing the best showerheads that everyone in my home would be happy with was not a walk along the path. I made several trips to the local hardware stores asking questions, examining the available showerheads, but none of the products seemed to meet my family’s expectations.

Factors we considered

Before I started shopping for showerheads for my two bathrooms, we first sat down as a family to decide on the following factors:


I discussed with everyone in my home the amount of money I was ready to spend on our bathroom showerheads. This made my search a bit easier. Narrowed down, things become much easier and better.

Spray style

We discussed and agreed on the spray style that all of us wanted. Even though preferences differed, I was able to ensure that we agreed on a common spray style.

Types of bathroom showerheads

We agreed that we were going to get showerheads with handy adjustable features that can allow for the selection of desired jets’ intensity and spray pattern.

Here are some of the showerhead types that we looked at.

Rain showers

These large and flat showerheads are flat and are usually fixed above the user. They direct the spray straight to the user. This was actually the first type we looked at.

Body sprays

These types have several spray heads, and they are usually integrated into the walls of the shower.

Hand-held showerheads

We also looked at these types and somehow considered them because they can be used to wash both hair and hard-to-reach places effectively.

Other showerhead types I looked at include dual and multiple showerheads, colored lighted showers and single-head spray showers.

Reviews of the top rated showerheads

With the help of other family members, I did a thorough research on the internet and came up with the top rated showerheads that I believed were everyone’s best bet.

Speakman S-2005-HB

Speakman S-2005-HB

This one delivers high pressure and the good thing is that it does not waste water. It can give you a 2.5 GPM and it is adjustable as well. Popularized by the best hotels in the world, robust Speakman engineering, and timeless styling, the Speakman S-2005-HB has become a popular fixture at world’s finest hotels, and a top seller in homes and resorts. Inspired by the famous classic design of Speakman elements, this showerhead features a belled casing as well as wide tip 8 center manipulation jets and free 50 great full-body sprays.

Among all the showerheads I looked at, I found this particular one to be irresistible. Fortunately, everybody else in my home is also very happy with them. What I like most about this showerhead is that it is built with a very smooth-turn T-handle that I simply adjust when I want to switch to or from gentle rain, combination spray, coverage spray, and therapeutic, exciting massage.


Fits all standard plumbing connections

Powerful  spray

Has a very wide coverage on the skin because it has many jets




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Culligan WSH-C125

Culligan WSH-C125

This is a wall-mounted shower that has a beautiful chrome finish. The showerhead is popular for its amazing ability to reduce scale, chlorine and sulfur odor to ensure cleaner, softer hair and skin. Installing the filter is extremely easy and requires no tools. The filters cartridges are very strong and are supposed to last for 6 months, or 10,000 gallons.

Built with a powerful filtration system of this unit’s Culligan wall-mounted showerhead, the user can be able to reduce the amount of chemicals present in the water in order to have a cleaner shower as well as softer skin.

The showerhead also features an anti-clog spray nozzle. Actually, this showerhead offers the user the choice of 5 spray settings.

One of the best features I like about this showerhead is that it provides effective filtration against chlorine and sulfur. There is no doubt about the quality and the safety of this item because it is NSF-compliant. I would highly recommend this showerhead for anyone looking for a showerhead for home, resort or hotel bathroom.


Easy to install

Makes hair and skin cleaner and softer

Requires no tools to install


Made with plastic and therefore discolors quickly

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