You Can Overcome It!

I started drinking when I was only 15. Well, most of my best friends later joined me because they also thought it was cool to take a little beer. By the time I was 18, Allie, my name, was well known in our neighborhood for all the wrong reasons. I had become a perennial drunk, […]

Showerheads – More Troublesome Than You Think!

A few months ago, I replaced my showerheads for my two bathrooms. It was a real hustle before I could make a purchase. Choosing the best showerheads that everyone in my home would be happy with was not a walk along the path. I made several trips to the local hardware stores asking questions, examining […]

Pregnant – What Do I Do Now?

Good news! I have just brought a new generation to existence. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I spent many of my days dancing on air. Few days after receiving the good news, I started wondering what I was going to do next. I actually started freaking out, and I was wondering what I […]